Find the best and most suitable Key Performance Indicators for your operations, identifying the correct process to maximize efficiency across the areas of the business.

Looking for the most suitable strategy to measure the performance of your business operations?

With a productivity analysis, Invelo assists the company to establish correct key performance indicators and appropriate policies and procedures to maximize their productivity and efficiency.

We develop an analysis of your current situation, processes and the systems used to track the operations’ performance. We evaluate how effective they are and their relationship with the financial goals of the business.

Invelo provides key solutions based on the findings of the analysis, such as standard processes, tools, new indicators and tracking systems to monitor operations results with the aim of the efficient process that are aligned with clear strategic planning.

Through the application of productivity analysis, we support the businesses to:

  • Define processes that add value to the customer
  • Deliver recommendations to maximize efficiencies among the different areas of the company
  • Deliver solutions and strategies to identify latent savings based on real data and traceability
  • Structure efficient reports which support decision making