Identify the root cause of a problem under the implementation of Lean tools, create action plans and create processes to control them.

Companies face challenges during their daily operations, such as defects, overproduction, waiting times, unnecessary movements, excess of inventory or extra processing. These challenges should be addressed with the correct methodology to avoid future repetitive events that lead the organization to fail. Through the application of continuous improvement workshops, we implement Lean tools to:

• Identify the root cause of the issue
• Create effective action plans to solve the problem
• Implement clear processes and their controls

During this implementation, we advise you on choosing the best methodology or tool to obtain the desired outcome according to the company’s strategy. We support you during the implementation of:

• Kaizen events
• Value Stream Mapping VSM
• Brainstorm sessions

We tailor the application of these solutions according to every type of industry and their strategic planning which helps to achieve the financial goals of your business.