Lean principles and data analysis driven company.

Invelo is an Australian company created to develop strategies in small and medium companies through process analysis. We base our analysis on identifying the resources of the operation, their interaction with stakeholders and the way they add value to the customer. We aim at improving the profit margin of an organisation and all their processes.

Our team members are experienced engineers who create and develop solutions in different fields. Through our continuous improvement philosophy, we have delivered a good range of solutions for our clients: problem solving workshops, automated data analysis, chatbots, costing models, implementing predictions using machine learning and operations reviews. We adapt our solutions to the needs of the company and their processes characteristics.


Our goal is that you truly get ahead of your competition operating at maximum efficiency, it would impact on your company’s productivity, profits and agility. We can help through continuous improvement.


Engineers with experience and passion for their job

Mauricio Henao

Mauricio Henao

Professional Engineer with experience in managing costs, operational excellence and operations. Wide knowledge and ability to adopt change into the organisation, implementing continuous improvement techniques based on data analysis and supporting specific projects to maximize the outcomes of the company.
Eduardo Devia

Eduardo Devia

Industrial Engineer with a Master in Statistics and Operations Research with a passion for Machine Learning, Optimization, Artificial Intelligence and Big Data. He has over ten years of experience in different roles regarding continuous improvement projects based on data analysis to create solutions to meet customer expectations.